About me

Well, hello there!

Thank you for being curious about the gal behind Beyond London. It’s flattering, really.

My name’s Victoria but my friends call me Vicky. I’m 26 years old and although not a native Londoner, I love this city with my whole heart. I mean it.

The vibrancy of the city, the options available to us, the culture, the pace – it all seduced me from afar for YEARS until I packed my bags and moved here permanently in 2017.

Born in Argentina and raised in Uruguay, I’m a long way from my ‘original’ home. I have been privileged to live in Italy and the USA, and now to get to call London my home.

My love from the city combined with the fact that I spend hours scouring the internet for pop-ups and activities; that against all London principles I befriended my local TimeOut vendor to get my magazine with a smile and that I spend a large proportion of my time in Central London made me realise that the way that I saw London as a tourist back when I first visited in 2012 is very different from my day to day London – and so, Beyond London was born.

You may be wondering why I called the website Beyond London – and I see it a couple different ways. 

Beyond London, to me, stands for more than just writing about things and places outside of the city (yes, you will occasionally see content from outside of London… sorry not sorry).

I want to write about the London beyond the stereotype. I hope that at the end of the day, you find a London in these pages that challenges your perception of what this beautiful city is like.